grrrlfuck (grrrlfxck) wrote in girlsaware,

the male PENIS

and how I crave to be penerated by it!!! Masterbating is starting to loose it's touch!
My boyfriend and I haven't had sex for like a week now for no reason in particular. I get tired coming on to him and he rarely tries to fuck me- and if he does it's like sticking out his bottom lip and asking. I need aggression during sex. I need an aggressive boyfriend to take and grab and have his way with me whenever he wants (which should be at least 4 times a week i should mention), I really wish my boyfriend was nmore straight forward and well.. like a boyfriend should be like. I kind of like being picked on by my boyfriend if that at all makes sense....

anyway, i clearly need some good porn....any suggestions?

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May 16 2008, 18:52:26 UTC 10 years ago

slave-next-door spankingschoolgirls redbottomedteens
Don't know how more smut will help if masturbating is losing its touch, but you could always friend my journal. It's new, only one piece of porn there, and you'd have to friend me ...


But I have to ask: why are you and he still together?

My ex and I fucked twice a day, even when things were falling apart at the end.

If this has been going on for a while, you need to have a serious talk with your boyfriend and, maybe, look elsewhere. Sexual compatability is a really important part of a relationship.