xah lee (xah_lee) wrote in girlsaware,
xah lee

$1k per hour prostitution

High-class prostitute has always been intriguing to me. Indeed, Wikipedia reports now: Emperors Club VIP↗ (lots of photos on the web). Starting from $1k USD per hour to $3k. I wonder how much percentage the prostitutes themselves get. I'm guessing it varies depends on how the prostitute stroke a deal with their employer, and probably in general a bit less than half.

Their age, is of course young; for example, some are 19. Usually, 19 years-old persons are crass and dumb, how is it then, that these young things manage to maintain a conversation among the power elite, the politicians and businessmen clients?

My guess is that, there are not necessarily that much conversation, or, the hollywood movies have deluded me in thinking such conversation are necessarily sophisticated or eloquent. A 19 years old girl, by her tender age along, is pure charm by itself to men. Uninformed speech or thoughts add to their character. Also, female are mentally mature very early on. Often, these girls instinctively knew how to lure the opposite sex, and not to talk stupid talk.

perm link:

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